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Hebe and Ganymede

Hebe, the daughter of Juno, and goddess of youth, was cupbearer
to the gods. The usual story is, that she resigned her office on
becoming the wife of Hercules. But there is another statement
which our countryman Crawford, the sculptor, has adopted in his
group of Hebe and Ganymede, now in the gallery of the Boston
Athenaeum. According to this, Hebe was dismissed from her office
in consequence of a fall which she met with one day when in
attendance on the gods. Her successor was Ganymede, a Trojan boy
whom Jupiter, in the disguise of an eagle, seized and carried off
from the midst of his playfellows on Mount Ida, bore up to
heaven, and installed in the vacant place.

Tennyson, in his Palace of Art, describes among the decorations
on the walls, a picture representing this legend:

"There, too, flushed Ganymede his rosy thigh
Half buried in the eagle's down,
Sole as a flying star shot through the sky
Above the pillared town."

And in Shelley's Prometheus, Jupiter calls to his cup-bearer

"Pour forth heaven's wine, Idaean Ganymede,
And let it fill the Daedal cups like fire."

The beautiful legend of the Choice of Hercules may be found in
the Tatler, No. 97. The same story is told in the Memorabilia of

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